Elemental Born

EarthBorn (#1)

The Elementals, four witches of immense power have been hunted for generations, none surviving to bond with their protector and gain their full powers... but the rules have been changed. In a desperate battle to defeat the demon Abaddon, it has been decided that the four will call upon their protectors early, in an attempt to save their lives and unite as one for the first time since the original four. But someone isn't happy about it.

Kaia was told at a young age that her life would be a short one, and all that she was destined for was a painful death. Learning this she pushed everyone away, hoping to protect them from dying by her side.She doesn't want a protector. She doesn't want to doom him another to the terrible fate that awaits her... but it seems that destiny has other ideas.

No matter how much time passed, Ethan would never forget the startling green eyes of the young witch he had once befriended, loved. When forced to attend a Wiccan ceremony by his father, the pack Alpha, he never expected to find those same eyes staring back at him... crying in despair.

*This book contains m/f interaction, not meant for the younger reader.

***Previously published under the title Earth (The Elemental Series) this book has been re-edited, extended and re-launched under a new name.

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