Sunday, 28 February 2016

It's A Double Cover Reveal!!!

That's right, today I have not one, but two covers to reveal for you. So without further ado...

Available 22/03/16

Available 24/04/16



Keep an eye out for pre-order links coming soon.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Torq's Acceptance Teaser

With Torq and Alice's story just around the corner, I thought I would treat you all to a little teaser. I have just started the final edit and hope to have the cover sorted very soon. Keep an eye out for its reveal coming soon (Fingers crossed).

She'd done it again.
She'd made him angry.
Hadn't she learnt her mistake the last time?
Never use his mug.
Never give him any other but his mug.
And finally, the most important rule of all... Never break his mug!
His fist flying fast towards her, she braced herself for impact. She knew better than to put her hands up to defend herself; that would only lead to another beating.
Pain exploded through her jaw and she knew it was broken. Then he hit her ribs and she knew they had suffered the same fate. These were all injuries she had sustained at his hand before.
His fists kept coming, the pain never ending. Why wasn't he stopping? Blood was pouring from her lip, her nose, even her ear.
This was it. This was the time he would kill her. He would never stop until she took her last breath, maybe not even then.
Then the pain stopped. The screams of agony no longer needed as pleasure replaced the pain.
What the Hell?
Warm lips ran down from her neck, kissing and licking her flesh. Hands caressed her sensitive breasts, teasing her nipples with sharp tweaks and twists. When she felt a warm body settle between her thighs, she pushed up onto her elbows to get a better look at her mysterious lover.
Eyes like a million supernovas, blazing red tattoos spiraling over his shoulders and down his arms. Who was he?
"You are mine," the stranger growled, flashing his fangs.

Alice woke, gasping for breath.
What was that? Did she eat too much cheese the night before? She always dreamed of him, of Frank. The nightmares had been a nightly occurrence since she’d awoken in the hospital after the beating that had almost taken her life. But an inhuman lover with fangs? No, that had never occurred before.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Earth Re-release.

Well, after months of hard work, Earth is finally ready to be re-released upon the world... but under a new name. For a while now I've been rethinking the name of the series and the titles of each book, and I just felt it made more sense to call the series The Elemental Born. I've also been working on new covers for the series, ones that are more in keeping with the tone of the new editions.
And here it is, the new updated cover of EarthBorn.

And guess what? Its now available to pre-order at Amazon.