Friday, 18 October 2019

My First YA Novel Releases November 10th

Yes, that's right. I'm publishing my first YA novel next month. I cannot wait. It has been in the works for around 4 to 5 years. Because it is YA and under this name I write some seriously dirty, steamy love scenes I made the decision to publish this book under a pen name. That way at east I can be more sure that no innocent eyes are going to go looking for other books published by me and read something they're not ready for.
If you, like myself, enjoy a good YA fantasy romance, check it out.


Its every familiar’s dream to be turned, including mine. But the biggest chance any of us have is to be chosen on the night of the blood sacrifice. And finally, after over a century, the blood sacrifice event is upon us.

My name is Selena, and I want to be a blood sacrifice.

No, I need to be a Blood Sacrifice. 
Because as crazy as it sounds, my life actually depends on it.

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