Friday, 27 February 2015


For the past 2 years Fangless has continued to get good reviews, mostly 3/4 stars, but its editing has been letting it down. A lot of reviewers have commented that if it was professionally edited they would have given it more. Due to these remarks I have looked into getting it properly edited and gathered quotes from many editors. My findings for these quotes is that I cannot afford to fund this process myself... and this is where you guys come in.


Many projects have been funded over the years via crowd-funding websites and Kickstarter was my site of choice. I hope that with your help I will be able to get the first book in the Fangless series professionally edited and re-released in both ebook format and print. Print is something I have put off as I didn't want to release it this way until it was perfect. Once edited and re-released I plan to use all profits from sales to fund the editing of the remaining books in the series.

I hope that all you guys can find it in your heart to help with this project and share the link to let others know of it.

Thanks in advance

E.M Reders

Kickstarter Project