Friday, 29 March 2019


Once a month, typically towards the end of the month, I make one of my books free for a weekend only.

This months #freebiefriday brings you Amber & Lochlann, book 1 of the Flesh & Blood series. Grab your #free copy while you can.

On the outside it looked just like any normal club. A large black marble front with wide glass doors, special nights advertised in frames on the walls, two large bulky blokes in suits manning the doors, while a large queue backed down the street. But in truth, Flesh and Blood was anything but normal.
It was an exclusive club; there was no getting in unless you were a member. Once a month the club would open its doors to all - well to whoever was deemed worthy by the guys on the door, Tex and Al. Once through the doors and past the lobby you entered the main club, a large circular room with a dance floor and DJ booth in the middle, one large bar surrounding the entire room. Above the dance floor was the members’ balcony, where the members could watch the club below from plush leather booths, and be served at their own private bar. Above that was another floor, the main facility that was open nightly, 7 days a week, all year round. It was there that the name Flesh and Blood had true meaning. Because in all honest truth, Flesh and Blood was a strip club.
strip club where all the members… were vampires.…/…/B00DUTN9PQ