Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fearless Excerpt

  Gabriel placed his hand on my shoulder, keeping me from jumping down too soon. We could hear voices in the next street drawing nearer. We had to wait till the coast was clear. Running his hand down my arm he clasped my hand, leaning in to my side to whisper in my ear. “I can’t wait to see you feed again. There’s just something about seeing your fangs buried deep in some strangers throat, filling your luscious mouth with sweet tasting blood that gets my dick so hard.”
  “Is that so?”
  Wonder what he would have thought to my prey last night?
  I tended to feed from guys mostly, just like Gabriel preferred to feed from girls. The idea of letting him watch me feed from a female, with my breasts pushed up against those of my victim was very arousing. If he liked my feeding from men what would my feeding from a female do to his arousal? Maybe I could arrange something special for him one night.
  “Oh yes.” His other hand running up my stomach over my breast to grasp the top of my corset, pulling it down slightly to release my nipple before taking it in his mouth and sucking deep. My back arched in offering as pleasure assaulted me.
  Gasping, “Gabriel now is not the time for this. I need to feed.”
  “I know you do.” Moving over to release the other nipple, giving it the same attention he had paid the other. “But there is nothing wrong with a little fun first.”
 While normally that would be true when I was this hungry I didn't want to risk it. “I have to feed first. I can’t risk losing control with you.”
  For longer than I cared to admit I had been hooked on the blood of vampires. Vampire blood was highly addictive. The rush it gave was like no other. I was finally clear of it, finally learning to live off the blood of humans. With the occasional Were thrown in. But if I allowed myself to be sexual with Gabriel, while I was not in completely in control, I dreaded to think what might happen. 

Fearless will hopefully be release Spring 2014